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Marcia J. McKinley, JD, PhD, NCC, DCC, LCPC (in MD), LPC (in VA)

My name is Marcia McKinley. I am a psychotherapist with Advancing Inspired Minds, with offices in Herndon, Virginia and Germantown, Maryland.  You can make an appointment with me by contacting me at 703-713-2442 or

News: I am now forming groups for twice-exceptional teens (gifted with another exceptionality, such as ADHD or a mood disorder) in my Herndon office. Group therapy is typically covered by insurance. Please contact me if you are interested!

I specialize in working with individuals who:

  • are gifted and/or exceptionally talented;
  • are exceptionally sensitive to emotions and experiences;
  • feel like nobody else really understands them;
  • struggle with ADHD or executive functioning issues;
  • have mood and anxiety disorders;
  • are twice-exceptional;
  • are facing major life decisions and transitions;
  • love a talented but sometimes difficult spouse or child;
  • are dealing with the continuing aftermath of trauma; and, most of all,
  • want to be happier and more productive.

 Contact me now for an appointment!  
 Phone:  703-713 2442

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