“Undefinable Me”

8/2/15: “Undefinable Me”
by Marcia J. McKinley, JD, PhD, MS, NCC, LCPC

"Intrinsic Motivation"

During her keynote speech, “Undefinable Me,” at the recent OSCAN developer’s conference, Keila Banks said that she refused to be defined by any of the labels that some might attach to a 13-year-old black girl from inner city Los Angeles.  She said that the fact that she is a coder, hacker/modder, blogger, video editor, former cheerleader, athlete and international speaker combine to make her “undefinable.”  Banks’ story exemplifies the power of intrinsic motivation, the value of supporting others (no matter their age) in their quests to learn and grow, and the importance of shedding the labels that limit us.  Read more (and hear Banks’ speech) here.

Copyright©2015.  Marcia J. McKinley.

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