Here is what some of my clients, and their parents, have said about my clinical work:

“Today’s B. is a far cry from the uncertain person who came here from Florida with no idea about his future and no confidence in himself.  Prior to beginning sessions with you, twice he broke down hysterically sobbing about the dismal nature of his future…I appreciate everything you have done for him.  He likes you and he trusts you, as do I with the most important person in my life.” — J., father of 30-year-old B. who struggles with the effects of autism, ADHD, anxiety, and depression and sought help in job searching and social skill development

“I had a really good talk with [my son] today.  I asked if working with you is helping, and he nodded his head and said “yes” right away.  I can’t express how exciting and wonderful it is that he feels positively about working with you!!  He has seen several different doctors and therapists and has always said that it didn’t help.  If you ever have any doubts about your decision to do what you are doing, call me!!  You are definitely supposed to be an ADD coach!!!”  — from the mother of a gifted, college-aged son with ADHD, depression, and anxiety

 “We hadn’t seen [our daughter] in person since we dropped her off at school in August. What a difference four months makes! She had sounded good on the phone, but finally seeing her again in person, we found she has changed a good deal and for the better. Her grades are improved, she has lost weight, has a boyfriend, and seems more self-assured. Thanks for all your help.”  — from the father of a gifted, college-aged daughter struggling with ADHD and dysthymia

“We have seen such a big change in [our son] since he started seeing you.  He is much happier and much more confident.  I am so thankful that he has found someone, other than family, who recognizes his intelligence and is helping him navigate this time in his life.”  — from the mother of a gifted middle-schooler with executive functioning issues

 Copyright©2015-2017.  Marcia J. McKinley.


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